About ChowChows

  • Chows Chows are extremely cute fluffy furballs,ever wanted to learn about them well look no further,this guide will go over chow chows in detail so look no further:

The chowchow is an ancient breed that descendes from China,chow chows were used as sled pullers,guard dogs and even hunters,the breed became popular in the 1800s and has managed to reach in the top 10 American Kennel Club breed.

Chow Chows are not usually friendly with strangers and can be aggresive with other dogs however not all chow chows are like this however due to their history they were used as guard dogs this is quite normal behaviour.Chow Chows are extremely loyal and love their families very much,they usually give attention to whoever they like the most.

Chows Chows are also a large dog breed but they can live within apartments and dont need huge amounts of exercise,they are also very easy to house train.The independent nature of the chow chow means other animals dont bother them much and they usually will tolerate them.Chow chows also dont do well on sunny days due to their thick coats and shouldnt be left out for large amounts of time when its sunny