When should you groom your ChowChow (ChowChow guide 2020)

  • We all want to keep our chow chows happy and healthy and grooming them is a key part to that,in this blog we will go over when you should groom your chow chow and how to keep their fur as healthy as possible to keep your furry friend as happy and as healthy as possible.

Basic Grooming Advice:

Chow Chows are a breed with lots of hair therefore its extremely important to take care of it,here a few tips to help you with the process:

Ensure that your chow chow is used to grooming from the very beginning,if you start grooming your chow chow early on in its life they will be more used to getting groomed and you will have no problem with it in the future however if grooming is introduced to them later they may be a bit wary about it and not enjoy it as much.

The choice of brush you use for your chow chow is extremely important too.Certain brushes work better and allow you to groom your chow chows coat thoroughly.A slicker brush is great for thier legs and helps get rid of any knots in the furs and prevents mats,the pin brush ffor their body coat as it allows you to brush the coat well without damaging it.

Also bathing your chow chow every month can help keep it nice and healthy however avoid bathing them frequently as this can damage essential oils on their coats and possibly damage their fur.Also be sure to brush your chow chow before bath time to get out any knots or matted hair and once this is your done your furry friend can get ready to dive into his doggy bath!