What you should feed your ChowChow?

  • Feeding your chow chow the coreect foods is essential to them leading¬† long healthy happy life,in this guide we will go through what you should fed your chow chow to keep your furry friend healthy.
Basic Feeding Guide:

Chow Chows are reported to have a sensitive digestive system therefore their diet should be tailored accordingly.

All dogs need protein in their diet,feeding your chow protein can keep them at optimum health,Chow chows have a thick double coat which means the food they eat has to help keep healthy skin and coat.Protein can be found in meats such as chicken,beef,tuna and even some vegetables.

Another necessary part of a chow chows diet should be fats this helps them with reproduction and growth.The fats in the food can also make the food more yummy to your furry friend.

Another vital nutrient would be carbohydrates,carbs are great energy sources,carbs found in fiver can also help your chow chow with digestion.Carbs can keep your dog full of energy allowing your furry friend to run around all day and enjoy themselves.