How often should you exercise your ChowChow?


Ever wondered whether your exercising your chow chow enough,well wonder no more,in this guide we,re talking about how much you should exercise your chow chow and how much is enough.

Basic Feeding Guide:

Chow Chows usually are low to medium energy dog,some can be very active however some can be quite lazy too,it varies per chow chow.As a general rule you should give your chow chow at least 45 to 60 minutes of physical activity a day,this could be letting them chase their favourite ball or have a quite stroll in the park.Here are some exercises we think would be great for your ChowChow:

Taking your chow chow out daily for a short walk is extremely important for them,it allows to release all that energy whilst keeping them happy as they are experiencing new things such as seeing cars,trees and listening to new sounds.Walks can be anywehre from 15-45 minutes and this can be split between once or twice a day whatever suits you best.

Playing with toys are a great way to exercise your chow chow and help them burn energy whilst keeping them happy.A great agme to play could be tug of war,most dogs really enjoy this game and it can also help build strength in your chow chow keeping them strong and healthy.

Chows Chows also need mental stimulation to keep themsleves happy and a lack of mental stimulation could lead to bad behaviour such as digging,barking and trying to escape.A few ways you can mentally stimulate your chow chow is by using puzzle toys such as a automatic rolling treat ball which can keep them occupied for hours.Also chew toys can helop occupy your chow chows mind whilst reducing their stress and keeping them happy.